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Darcy SOS Caregiver Elderly Senior In Home Care and Driver Darcy Kline


I grew up in Red Deer, where I first discovered how much I loved to take care of both animals and people.   While trying to fit myself into the mold of office work or sales, I discovered many niches, but none that fit me without having to squish or knock off some very important corners.  When my husband and I moved to Taber, however, where I was raising my two sons, I discovered one of my first “love-to-get-up-in-the-morning” jobs as a Support Worker in the Taber Special Needs field.  When we moved back to Calgary, I gravitated to another Special Needs field where I worked with a Private Agency that provides Respite Care to developmentally delayed Adults.

I then moved to a larger agency that provides a wide range of support and care to developmentally delayed youth and adults, with my specialization being support of seniors who had significant delays and challenges.  In 2005 after 16 years in the field, I started my own services for health challenged seniors and Adults, supporting both the clients and their family or agency caregivers. With enough clients, my agency Supportive Outings and Services (SOS) was started, growing slow, but steadily.

In 2008, my own dear Mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, and I became one of my own clients, spending as much time as possible caring for her. After she passed away, I was left bereft and depleted of energy, but in 2009, I again began building my agency into a solid support system for our Aging and Health Challenged population. I now spend most of my waking hours assisting and supervising a growing staff of Companions and Caregivers, filling a real void and an ever expanding need in both Calgary and Edmonton for this kind of networked nurturing. I love the work. I appreciate and respect the people. Although my energy is sometimes tapped and running low, I still wake up every morning with gratitude for the road I am traveling.