• Senior Companionship Service


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What does this service do?
SOS provides companion care to people that have health challenges that have limited their ability to fully care for themselves. SOS provides a trained SOS Care Aid into the health-challenged residence to help ease any burden for that Clients, and/ or family caregivers. SOS will also do visits to Clients in Care facilities; provide transport and support out into the community, and full companion support in appointments.

How much notice is needed to book an SOS staff?
SOS will provide quality service with relatively short notice. The optimum is 7 days’ notice. This is very helpful as a preliminary meeting can be set up to ensure a full understanding of the Client’s needs, and will make it easier to assign the appropriate staff to the Client for specific needs.

How does the billing work?

SOS will provide an invoice bi-monthly. This invoice shows the dates of support and a brief description of how those hours were spent with the Client. The invoice can be mailed, e-mailed, or hand-delivered to the Client, or the Client’s trustee or Caregiver.

How does the Client Pay?
The payment can be a mailed cheque, or e-transferred, or payment processed from a credit card. SOS can even pick the payment up personally from the client in some situations.

What are the fees?
This is a customized companion care service tailored to each individual. The fees vary by the expectation of care needed to be provided to the Client in their accommodation. The transport distance and support provided for the Client on outings are all taken into account. SOS fees are quoted and agreed upon before service is commenced. The general SOS fees are $45.00 + GST per hour. A minimum of 2 hours of service. We are a not-for-profit corporation and rates are subject to the services provided. 

Why wouldn't a Client take Community service transportation?
Community transport service needs to be booked for the time that works for the specific situation. Sometimes that is hard to predict. There may be a waiting time for that transportation to arrive on either end. Sometimes the appointment takes a little longer, and pickup time is missed. The return trip may take longer if other passengers must be accommodated. All this time must be billed for the support staff. Ultimately, that may not save the Client much expenditure. If the Client is unable to easily access an SOS vehicle, then Community Service Transit may be the best option.

How long has SOS been in service?
This service has been offered since 2005 and is growing steadily since then.

What areas of the city does SOS provide companionship?
In Calgary, we operate in all four quadrants of the city, as well as, Airdrie, Okotoks, and surrounding communities.