• Senior Companionship Service


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Minimum 2 Hours for Supportive Outings
 SOS caregiver will pick up and transport the person to any appointment. SOS stays with the client and assists with any information that has to be given or received around these appointment/outings. SOS will keep track of any follow up appointments. All appropriate information is provided to the health challenged person’s representative after each appointment.

Medical Appointments –

Family Dr check up, hospital visits, cancer check up, X-rays, CT Scans, MRI’s, blood work, assistance around extensive tests, pacemaker appointments, hearing tests.

Dialysis –

Round trip transportation for dialysis. Companionship while waiting for treatment to start.

Eye Appointments –

Regular eye exams, specialist eye exam, eye surgery, (cataracts) follow up appointments.

CNIB Guided Companionship –

SOS caregiver provides a guide for people that are visually impaired for appointments / shopping / events, or to just provide transportation.

Dental –

Regular checkups, sedation dentistry, dental surgery, dentures, follow up, and adjustment appointments.

Personal / Recreational Outings –

Families homes, visiting friends, Banks, accountants, restaurants, grocery/drug store, malls, museums, libraries, galleries, plays, festivals, parks, drives in country.

Therapy –

Shopping, Physio, exercise,  stretches, laughter, socializing,  friendly companionship, recreational, swimming.

Grocery Shopping  Assistance –

SOS can take a list made from the client and pick up the items on the list and bring them back to the home and put them away. Or the client goes with companion which is supported shopping event.

Personal Shopping –

Clothing, personal items.

Park Outings –

Sitting and enjoying the park environment, or walking in the park.

Daytrips Out of the City –

This is a pre planned and quoted  trip out of the city limits is set up based on the client’s itinerary, and health challenges. All trips are pre arranged and are agreed to by all parties prior to going on excursion. Minimum 5hrs long.