• Senior Companionship Service


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Minimum 2 Hours for Resipte Support
 SOS provides customized support care for Clients with limited mobility, dementia/cognitive issues, aging limitations, long/or short term health limitations.
Communication is provided back to the primary caregiver with each visit.

Caring Companionship –

SOS schedules regular visits to the client in private homes or facilities. This has been agreed upon for all parties involved. This can be very uplifting for isolated people, as well as, for their loved one that have worries about this persons mental and physical health.

In Home Respite –

SOS caregiver comes into the home and provides support care to the Client; while the primary Caregiver receives a break. The primary Caregiver is welcome to leave the premises, or stay in, and get the well needed tasks done that they cannot do while caring for this person.

Transition Support –

When a person’s health has changed temporarily, or permanently, this persons excising setting can become a bigger challenge, which can be more challenging for that person to manage in that setting. There is typically a waiting time for this person to move into a new or safer setting. SOS can help with this Transition time by providing the appropriate support for that person’s needs that may help them stay safe and a bit more independent. SOS can also help with the move and support the client’s adjustment in the new facility.

Bereavement Support –

When a loved one passes away; the partner left behind is often left struggling with their loss, and may have to move out of the setting they are living in. SOS caregiver provides comprehensive support while this person gets a better handle on their new situation of their life.

Pre / Post Surgery Care –

SOS provides hours of care for Pre surgery dates SOS caregiver offers specialized care tailored to the instructions given for proper recovery for clients of Post Surgery.

Medication Management –

SOS caregiver supports the person around the correct medication and timetable

Physical Assistance –

Assist and or encourage the Client to walk a bit, or outside, assist with easy exercises, assist stretches, personal grooming, meal time assistance, person interests, Crafts, hobbies, letter writing, recreational activities, ie card playing

Toileting care –

Assistance in the Bathroom

Mental Stimulation –

News paper / reading, singing, social visits, laughter, hobbies, crafts, movies, e-mails, surfing the net, playing cards

Personal Interest –

craft support, hobbies, exercise, walking, shopping, singing, restaurants, Arts, movies

Therapy –

Shopping, Physio, exercise, stretches, laughter, socializing, friendly companionship, recreational, and swimming.

Grocery Shopping Assistance –

SOS can take a list made from the client and pick up the items on the list and bring them back to the home and put them away. Or the client goes with companion which is supported shopping event.

Light House Cleaning –

SOS will provide light housekeeping including; kitchens, bathrooms, bed making, clean and putting away laundry. More detailed house care can be arranged on an individual basis.

Laundry Support –

Changing bedding, Launder clothing and bedding, folding, hang, and put away clothing, make bed.

Cooking / Meal Preparation  –

Assist with balanced diet choices, cooking pre plan meal, Meal request can be brought in, have meals accessibly set out for clients.

Meal Assistance –

Provide company during meal time, helps encourage eating meal, scheduled meal time feeding assistance[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]