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Minimum 1.5 Hours for Facility Visit
SOS schedules regular visits to the client in facilities. This has been agreed upon for all parties involved. This can be very uplifting for isolated people, as well as, for their loved one that have worries about this persons mental and physical health.

Meal Assistance –

Provide company during meal time, helps encourage eating meal, meal time feeding assistance.

Physical Assistance –

Assist and or encourage the Client to walk around the facility, or outside, assist with easy exercises, assist stretches, personal grooming, meal time assistance, person interests, Crafts, hobbies, letter writing, recreational.

Personal Grooming Care –

Dressing, hair care and maintenance, personal hygiene assistance.

Personal Interest –

Craft support, hobbies, exercise, walking, shopping, singing, restaurants, arts, movies.

Mental Stimulation –

News paper / reading, singing, social visits, laughter, hobbies, crafts, movies, e-mails, surfing the net, playing cards.

Therapy –

Shopping, physio, exercise, stretches, laughter, socializing, and friendly companionship, recreational, swimming, and walking.